About Us


Minister empowerment to the hurting, broken-hearted, emotionally scarred, depressed, battered, bruised, rejected, painful, weary, perplexed, despondent, lonely, low-self esteem.


Go to the hearts and homes of wailing women.  Exchanging false facial facades and cover-ups; by putting on the garment of praise and truth.  Raising the level of empowerment and self-esteem,expressing the love of GOD.  perfecting faith, removing fear of inadequacy and in-competency, offering hope, quickening the spirit, yielding to the power packed emphasis of the word of God and redefining life.


To overcome, conquer, and win.  Examples of overcoming women from the Bible.  Testimonies and actual events of an overcomer.  Express our capabilites to do the will of GOD. 

If you live in Northern Texas, or La. or OKL. you can watch 
Real Issues on digital tv channel 47.2 Saturdays at  1:30 pm
and Sundays at 3:30 pm central time
Southern Calif.  channel 35.4
verizon fios in dallas metroplex channel 27.
over internet at www.uanetwork.tv  

You can also view my videos on demand at 
or view on channel 20





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