is certain that seasons change, times change, people change, and 24 hr days.  How do we as individuals adjust and adapt to the change of unforseen events?

How do we keep joy, hope, peace, to what may appear to be an un-ending, un-bearing, un-believable situation.  IT is time for a change.  

When doubt, depression or distress seem to dominate, IT is time for a change.  When we want what others seem to have, hope for what we think makes us happy, try to reach for the sky, hoping to at least hit a star, for selfish motives, IT is time for a change.  

Wearing a facial facade to cover an undisclosed hurt, or having feelings of hopelessness in a materialistic world.  IT is time for a change.  

What if we want what Christ wants for us?

Time to hope in Christ, which maketh not ashamed.  Time to reach toward our hidden destiny for fulfillment.  Time to exchange the facial facade and/or the spirit of heaviness, for the garment of praise.

Begin to tell doubt, you doubt it.  Begin to depress the depression.  Begin to tell distress to distance the stress.  IT is time for unwanted situations to change .

It is time for unforseen stressors, to change as the seasons.  It is time for unpleasant events to change like the times

Allow your eyes to constantly look to the hills from where your help cometh,allowing your head up, Only, looking down to help a brother/sister to get up.  IT is time for a change.

IT is of most certainty time for a change.
Eccles. Chapter 3

Written by
Deborah Gary
January 4, 2001


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